Educational Program Overview

The educational program at MLKECA is based on the belief that students need a diverse and challenging educational experience provided by professionals with strong academic and artistic backgrounds. It also assumes that children can master basic concepts of reading and math at an early age. Beginning in kindergarten, students participate in a accelerated structured reading program.

Curriculum Model

Our curriculum model of instruction is based on recognized an accepted strands and objectives for students age five through thirteen (K-8).

Curriculum areas will include mathematics education, science education, social studies education, language arts education, computer technology education, vocation education, health education and physical education.

Courses of study are designed to meet each child’s educational needs while having a wide-range of opportunities to discover, explore, and develop his/her unique giftedness. Class sizes are small, allowing for individualized instruction as well as small group activities. Evaluation of achievement is based on objectives attained.

The Arts

Use of the arts in education is an effective way to stimulate interest and excitement about learning in that the arts appeal to many urges and interest of the developing child. An art- based curriculum that is interdisciplinary in approach meets the aesthetic as well as academic needs of students. Artistic instruction includes music, art, dance, drama, and creative writing.

Use of Technology

Technology is used as an enhancement to the learning process. Increased student motivation through opportunities for hands-on, alternative learning environments results in higher achievement. Computer software programs provide for individualized instruction, self- pacing and self-assessment. Classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboard projection systems that accommodate multiple intelligences through visual, kinesthetic, auditory, and learning modalities.

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